Child of Imago

by Lynn Harrod

“Dot” wakes up in the hollow of an ancient oak tree, a military jacket draped over her frilly dress. The teenage girl has no memory, not even her real name. Scared and confused, she explores the woods for help only to find the grisly aftermath of a large battle. Searching the soldiers’ remains, it’s soon clear the two armies had fought over her.

Careful to trust no one, Dot travels across a war-torn world. She sees decimated towns now reduced to survivalist camps, factions in either support or hatred of “Hybrids,” a new race of people bred for a new age, and a vast army of “Automen,” identical, synthetic soldiers that hunt her at all hours. Despite the danger, she has to know why. 

A shadowy figure in her dreams warns her to flee, but Dot is compelled to search for answers and the truth about The Story of the World. Across the scorched land, she meets three strange creatures who vow to protect her and help uncover her dark past. Together, the unlikely friends unravel secrets about the fate of humanity and discover her central role toward its salvation...

Child of Imago is a fantasy adventure about friendship, loyalty, and the heights a child can reach if she believes in herself. Written by veteran author Lynn Harrod.