June Robina's new series of puzzles, games, and other activities is an ongoing collection of books designed to educate and entertain both kids and adults, challenge their minds, and unleash the power of memory and imagination. Good fun and good for your brain! Strengthen cognitive skills, problem solving, and creative thinking. There are many more titles coming soon!

Movie Quotes Word Search

For serious movie buffs only! Use famous and not-so-famous quotes from classic movies to find key words to figure out the name of the film, the character, its actor, plus an extra five bonus words. Put your movie knowledge to the test! Fun and challenging!

Mazes For All Ages

For labyrinth lovers! This collection of 105 mazes starts out large and simpleĀ  but progressively increases in difficulty. Perfect for both children and adults, those seeking large print, and anyone looking to boost their brain power. Can you make it to the end?