The Queen's Angel

by Lynn Harrod

Abel Grant spends his days at an abandoned motel. His only friends are a prostitute who lives next door, a former gangster who protects him, and a reverend who sends him desperate folks seeking a miracle. 

Indeed, miracles happen at that old motel. With the touch of his hand, Abel can heal the sick, calm the troubled, and even turn back near-death. It’s a gift that came to him at a terrible price, one that haunts him daily.

​Abel makes his followers swear secrecy or risk the return of their pain.  He fears the attention of powerful men looking to own his gift. It happened before. 

His convictions are tested when a teenage girl pleads for her mother’s life. She takes him to their country estate where he’s confronted by dangerous men once more. Abel should flee, but there are souls to save in the hills in the middle of the night.

The Queen’s Angel is a character study about what happens when an astonishing gift is bestowed on a man who’s lost his faith, and what powerful, immoral men will do to take it.