by Nathan McCoy

Math is ridiculously boring for most people, but not for Kyri. She gets along better with numbers than she does people, and forget about being smooth around boys. She always had a knack for numbers, but when her mother was shot and killed in front of her eyes at the age of nine she built her fortress of solitude in numbers and books.

Now attempting to finish a doctoral, she has a life-altering fracture with reality. She finds that her math formulas can actually alter reality. When stressed or excited she starts to see and think in formulas that alter or bend the physics of reality to her will -- but she isn't the only one who can use this theorem.

Kyri is approached by a mysterious few who call themselves "Purelights," who lay claim to creating the history of the world through the theorem and wish to return to a home far from Earth. They need Kyri's unique ability with the Theorem to do it. -- she just has to agree to sacrifice herself.

Written by Nathan McCoy, a producer/writer in Hollywood, Theorem takes a dark suspenseful twisting jaunt into a science fiction that warps our historical bias for religion, invention, and the evolution of mankind. A sometimes whimsical "What If" story that brings God down to a human level with all the emotional motivations and regrets that can wreck havoc on relationships and our personal psyches.