by Nathan McCoy

NOCTÍS is a 5e compatible horror/steampunk campaign setting but can be adapted to other game systems.

 The Ordic people live a meager existence on the dark side of a planet not dissimilar from ours.  They wake to a rising moon instead of a sun, never knowing the warmth of Solthane the sun god… the loving grace of their moon goddess Soli-sis is the only light they live by.  Your adventurers work and struggle on a mountain-based city state known as the Sol Spire.  A layered township of disparate social classes; the rich at the top and the poor near the bottom.  The steampunk style technology is the only thing that makes living in such a cold and harsh environment possible.  The king constantly pushes explorers called Mistwalkers southward to find habitable resources to plant crops and raise herd animals…

 However, aggressive creatures of the wild find their use of machines an abomination to Noctís.  These lycanthropes warped physiology led by Baum Mothers, feel connected to the land, as they almost sacrifice themselves trying to destroy the Ordic people.

 Yet despite the beasts of the wilds, there is treason afoot in the Sol Spire.  Political maneuvering between rival lords or warring merchants fighting over precious mining operations deep within the mountain.  All the while, religious scholars warn of a dark leaning to the world.  A prevalent mist that causes havoc to the mind. Almost as if the planet itself breathes.

 How will your adventurers make their way in this harsh realm?  Assist the king and his kin or prey upon your own, working with criminal forces to fleece nobles and merchant lords of the Sol Spire.  Perhaps uncover secrets deep within Noctís or look to the stars and the moon goddess Soli’sis herself for answers.

 200+ pages of horror/clockwork setting including a 5-adventure mini-campaign that takes characters from 1st level to 9th level and introduces the flavor and NPCs of the world.

Written by Nathan McCoy, an almost 40-year nerd-guru in role-playing games having also worked with game company Double Critical LLC to release their unparalleled Wizard of Oz campaign setting, and also a Hollywood producer/writer working to craft original stories for film and television.

NEW class: Inventor

NEW archetypes (sub-classes)

NEW Backgrounds:

 NEW Races:

+NEW Feats

+NEW Spells

+NEW Magic Items